Challenge accepted

We dove in, and started digitalising our entire proven innovation process. Aimforthemoon has been using a structured innovation process for years. The monitoring of the KPIs and progress of the process is fully translated to a Digital Playbook. The more we built and the more we learned, the better it got.

Ready, set, go

Covid-19 kicked in, but we were ready to deliver! And not just for this client. The crisis forced us to implement the same methods in all our teams, including ourselves. Within the first week of lockdown, we had become highly skilled remote workers. And in case you’re wondering, this goes far beyond Skype meetings and Zoom conferences. Our digital skillset includes multidisciplinary team collaboration, thinking together and working visually.

Digital playbook

Not only did we convert our offline process to the online, we realised that a digital toolkit comes with advantages that you wouldn’t have in the offline world. The first teams have implemented our Digital Playbook. And according to the teams, it works successfully! This is what they say about it:

  • We maintain structure
  • The interactive visualisation gives a good overview of the steps and timeline
  • Follow live what your whole team is working on
  • The corporate stakeholders can access it anytime and are thereby directly aligned
  • The same goes for the coaches, who can easily check in to see if the team needs help

What’s next?

Are you ready for a free trial of Aimforthemoon’s Digital Playbook?

Aimforthemoon Digital Playbook contains all the steps of our 10 month innovation programme. We give a free trial of our Scan Phase. In this phase we investigate the customer segments, customer jobs, problems and we determine the focus for the project and its value proposition. We have also included the relevant canvases and we share which tools and software we use to coach and manage innovation teams remotely.




We are a corporate innovation studio creating impact through business with teams of entrepreneurs & corporate innovators.

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Aimforthemoon | Corporate Innovation Studio

Aimforthemoon | Corporate Innovation Studio

We are a corporate innovation studio creating impact through business with teams of entrepreneurs & corporate innovators.

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