It all started with ourselves. We decided to place the mission to build a better world through moonshots at the centre of everything we do. And agreed our actions will be bolder than ever. We are going to build on top of our experience and we are determined to do everything a little better day by day. The leadership and entrepreneurship within the Aimforthemoon community will be the foundation for the united action of influential companies, capital and entrepreneurs. Aligning our time, energy and efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals is our common goal.

We call it United Impact.

In the summer of 2019 we decided to go for a drastic change and rebrand the whole company. An extraordinary challenge and above all an inspiring project for me personally.

Our new visual identity truly presents and represents the Aimforthemoon culture. A place where entrepreneurial spirits can find each other. Connect with each other. And above all, reinforce each other. Entrepreneurship is dreaming, risk taking, perseverance, but above all execution.

Practise what you preach. At the core of Aimforthemoon’s process you’ll find exploration and experimentation. What is the problem we are going to solve? Do others actually consider this to be a problem? Who considers this a problem and why? We validate these questions and adjust & develop the design accordingly through an iterative process.

How does one present ‘magic’? I believe you cannot present your magic simply by explaining what you do. The best way to present your magic is by triggering emotions. By creating something unexpected and different than the guys next door. We want to bring about the same emotions and sensation through our design as the ones that underlie our successful collaborations.

Trust the process

Noteworthy is the vertical grid and color gradient in the visual identity. This represents the innovation process we follow at Aimforthemoon. Structure and consistency are of the utmost importance for guiding both the teams and the stakeholders through the project.

Every day a bit better

The new visual identity is ready to be presented to the world, but it’s a work-in-progress and it will always be. We need to stay in motion if we want to remain relevant. Everyday I strive to improve and build on top of this foundation. Visit our brand new website at or come by for a cup of coffee. Please, make yourself at home.

We are a corporate innovation studio creating impact through business with teams of entrepreneurs & corporate innovators.