How We Helped FMO Design and Execute an Innovation Accelerator Program

Credit: FMO


  1. A validated customer problem: We find an answer to the question: “Is there a problem worth solving?”
  2. A validated value proposition: What is the value for the customer?
  3. Two or three different solution directions that the client can further validate in the market.
  4. Recommendations on potential next steps.
Credit: FMO. Note: this team did not participate in FMOxCELERATE.

Explore Phase: Setting the scope

  • Who are our target group and potential partners?
  • Are we open to conquering new markets?
  • Should we focus on a certain new technology?
  • Which organizational assets can we use?
  • Are there specific market trends that are at play?
  • What are the barriers preventing us from action?

Match Phase: Bringing the team together

  • Team lead: Connects to important decision-makers from within the organization
  • Business developers from within the organization
  • Specialists: Industry-specific experts from either within or outside the organization
  • Innovation coaches/expert from outside the organization

Scan Phase: The core of FMOxCELERATE

  1. Understanding the customer. Before we started building or experimenting with a prototype (potential solution) we went through the eight building blocks. These include customer segment, customer’s jobs to be done, understanding customer problems, and proof that these problems are worth solving. These building blocks helped us better understand who we were creating value for, what their pains were, and how to create value. We conducted customer interviews and talked to experts to fully map out the customer journey to facilitate this.
  • We designed a solution direction to start experimenting as quickly as possible, with real (potential) clients.
  • We checked if there is a right fit with the organization.
  • Next, we filled in the Assumption Matrix to prioritize assumptions, so that we knew which are the riskiest and came up with experiments.
  • In an experimental design workshop, we explained to the teams how they could run experiments and test these exact assumptions.
  • The next step was to fill in the Business Model Canvas.

Plan phase: Next steps

What’s next for FMOxCELERATE?



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