How Seenons is changing the waste-management industry

Photo credits: Seenons

Key Results to Date

Who and what?

Seenons co-founders Joost Kamermans (left) and Jorn Eiting van Liempt (right)

The plan?

How did Seenons validate their assumptions?

Testing their concept

De Koffiesalon, an Amsterdam chain of coffee bars, was one of Seenons’ pilot customers

How did Seenons build their product?

Seenons bins next to Renewi bins (Credits: Seenons)

Going to market

Seenons’ pilot project with a Dutch football club (Credits: Seenons)

The impact? A business model designed for systems change

From ‘waste’ to product (Credits: Seenons)

Scaling up and the future of Seenons

Impression of the Seenons app (credits: Seenons)

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