Photo credits: Seenons

Key Results to Date

  • Validated and developed a software platform to give new value to cardboard, PET, glass, coffee residue, PMD, GFT and orange peel.
  • Built a range of corporate partners including Renewi, Rabobank, Amsterdam Smart City, KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) and Yoghurt Barn
  • Raised €7.75M seed capital to finance its ambitions
  • Seenons’…

Photo credits: HEMA
  • Empowered 24 social designers with lifelong skills in social design and social entrepreneurship.
  • Seven diverse, low literacy concepts which have all entered into partnerships with diverse organizations for (further) development and implementation.
  • One of the concepts, Buikpraat, went on to receive a subsidy from the Ministry…

Aimforthemoon | Corporate Innovation Studio

We are a corporate innovation studio creating impact through business with teams of entrepreneurs & corporate innovators.

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